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shimmy_designs's Journal

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about shimmy_hunny designs the rules requests and credits
Hello and welcome to shimmy_hunny designs :) This graphics journal contains my work,shimmy_hunny11, for use in livejournal. Please read the rules before taking my designs and of course enjoy! :) Comments are like cookies and I love cookies ^^

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

The rules are quite simple :) please read before taking my graphics:

1. Please do not steal - its just not nice.
2. No hotlinking please
3. Credit when using please
4. Textless graphics are NOT bases
5. Comments are always lovely to receive :)

Please post all requests here :)

I use a lot of various brushes and textures for so brilliant artists and sights. I mix and match these on different designs so have made up a list of all the resources below. These are brilliant artists and if you need to know about one specific brush then just ask and i'll let you know.
onlyabreath - poloroid brushes
endlessdeep - florish and poloroid masks
cookinbythebook - icon border brushes
kirjava17 - circle brush set
sir - MANY amazing brushes
lil_brokenangel - tiny cute text brushes
timedrawer - boys like girls lyrical brush set
creamutsr - frame brushes
vampkiss - postmark brushes
kiho_chan - black and white textures
Harry Potter brushes and fonts
monoprint texture brushes

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